Spokane - Management Team

Management Team Details

Name: John Meek

Location: Spokane

Title: Vice President

Description: John has been a member of our regional management team since 2003, overseeing Class A office, hospital and mixed-use parking facilities, as well as off-site airport parking and off-street enforcement operations in Seattle, Tacoma, SeaTac and Auburn. Prior to coming to work for RPNW, John spent over 13 years with a competing parking company as the city operations manager overseeing parking operations in Seattle, Bellevue, and Tacoma. His experience during this period included several years directly managing hotel parking operations, sporting event parking, and valet parking, as well as managing privately owned commercial parking lots and municipal on-street enforcement operations.

John possesses extremely strong customer service skills and an extensive background in commercial parking operations in both the private and municipal business sectors.

Contact: jmeek@rpnw.com