Honolulu Parking

Republic Parking has operated in Hawaii since 1988. Our facilities range in size from small 24 stall surface lots to an 800 stall garage.

Our extensive industry experience gives us the knowledge to provide profitable and efficient operations for our clients, as well as competitively priced, well-maintained facilities for our customers.

Additional services available include consulting, event valet and shuttle services.

Some of the parking operations we manage include:
– Aulani Disney Resort
– Straub Clinic and Hospital
– One South King
– 160 Ahui Street
– Catholic Charities lot
– Lilihia Medical Building

Pay for or Dispute a Parking Citation:
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 Lot Address Neighborhood Monthly Parking Daily Parking Attended Garage Credit Card Accepted


83-041 Piano Lot
160 Ahui St
Honolulu, HI 96813


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Management Team

Name: Denny Williams

Location: Honolulu

Title: Honolulu Parking Manager

Description:Denny began his parking management career in 1996. He has earned a Certified Parking Facilities Manager (CPFM) designation through the National Parking Association (NPA).

Denny joined Republic Parking in 2009. He is experienced in managing hospital, airport and off-airport parking, self-park lots, class A office properties and valet operations. Denny is an active member of the Building Owner and Managers Association of Hawaii.

Contact: denny.williams@reefparking.com

Contact Us

Republic Parking Northwest

P.O Box 68
Honolulu, HI 96810






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