Developer & Property Management

Developers & Property Management

One of the most important distinctions between Republic Parking and our competitors is our unmatched local management experience. No one knows the Puget Sound parking market like Republic Parking. Our decades of experience are the foundation of our management philosophies. Through experiencing management of a wide range of Pacific Northwest parking facilities, we understand the differences each type of facility requires.

Our history working in the local market has ensured that our core management team members are experts in creating and maintaining the most effective methods of operation for parking facilities in the Northwest. We are unmatched in personal service, creativity and attention to detail.

Developers of New Parking Facilities :
Our professional parking managers can help your business fine-tune the development of your parking facility to provide the best experience for your tenants and visitors. Our managers can also help you create an operating method that will help you reach your financial goals quickly.

The Republic Parking team has contributed ideas and recommendations to many major projects over the last several decades. We provide the most efficient layout and design of your parking facility to help maximize service and revenue.

Some of the projects to which we have provided consulting services to include:
-The Bravern in Bellevue, WA
-Russell Investment Center (formerly the WaMu Center) in Seattle, WA
-SeaPark Garage in Seattle, WA
-Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, WA
-Bell Street Pier Garage in Seattle, WA
-Carillon Point in Kirkland, WA

Property Owners and Managers of Existing Parking Facilities
Many properties have the potential to generate revenue if they choose to eliminate unauthorized parking and sell parking permits to tenants and public users. The properties we work with realize increased profits by contracting with Republic Parking to develop and manage their parking programs.

Republic Parking offers:
-Complete parking program design and management for office, commercial, retail, medical, event and residential parking
-Parking monitoring, attendant, valet and shuttle services
-Parking Enforcement
-Effective controls to maximize parking potential
-Parking facility maintenance services
-Parking consulting services
-Customized personal service

If you would like to contact Republic Parking about managing your parking facility, submitting a response to an RFP, or to discuss the parking component of your upcoming building project, please contact Randy Brehm at


Take a look at our amazing management team here.

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