Airport Parking

Redding Regional Airport

We offer long term and short term parking at Redding Municipal Airport. Long term costs $10.00 per day ($60.00 weekly rate). Short term offers 0 to 4 hours of parking for free, 4 to 24 hours for $20.00, and each additional 24 hours for $20.00. There are signs positioned all around the parking lot that show which sections are long term and short term.

Lot Details

6751 Woodrum Cir
Redding, CA 96002
Lot Type

Daily Rates

Handicap $10/Day (Mon-Sun)
Short Term (Mon-Sun)
Long Term (Discount) (Mon-Sun)

Hourly rates may change without notice.

Contact Us

Republic Parking System
PO Box 964
Anderson, CA 96007


Name: Greg Rogers

Location: Redding Municipal Airport

Title: Branch Manager

Description: Greg Rogers has more than 13 years of experience in various positions within the parking industry. Starting out as a valet at the Hilton Hotel in Del Mar, he was quickly promoted to the position of manager of valet services at the prestigious La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club and La Jolla Shoes Hotel. He relocated to the Bay Area in 2012 and was hired as our manager of ballpark operations, overseeing the day-to-day workings of our massive surface lot parking facilities at AT&T Park (now Oracle Park).


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