Everett - Management Team

Management Team Details

Name: Glen Peterson

Location: Everett

Title: Everett Parking Manager

Description: Glen began working with Republic Parking NW in 2004. Before joining RPNW, he managed several parking facilities in Bellevue, WA. Glen is detail oriented and has a hands-on management style. His work method has given him a positive reputation with our clients in the Everett area. Glen's energy, diligence and focus as a manager ensure that our clients and customers receive the best service possible.

Contact: gpeterson@rpnw.com

Name: Laura Larson

Location: Everett

Title: Senior Vice President Operations

Description: Laura began her career as a parking attendant with Republic Parking in 1988. Through diligence and hard work, she moved her way up the ladder working in all aspects of management and operations. Throughout her career she has worked as auditor, Director of Administration, and her current role, where Laura is responsible for the operation and management of our entire Seattle, Bellevue and Everett operations.

Laura is hands-on and attention to detail. She motivates her managers to provide outstanding customer service, maximize revenues, and minimize expenses. Daily, she reviews income and expense figures to verify we are on the right course.

Laura spends the majority of her time out of the office and on location working with our staff and meeting with our clients.

Contact: llarson@rpnw.com